Crochet Baby Blanket x 2

A glimpse of my latest WIP – a pink version of a blue blanket I just finished.  My cousin is expecting twins in a few months – one boy and one girl!!!  This is my gift for her.

This gorgeous pattern is called Pink Moscato Double Shell and you can find it here.  I found a gorgeous color – Hobby Lobby’s “I LOVE THIS YARN SUPERSOFT” in Iced Violet.  A soft grayish pink!!  For this one I also had a buddy helping me along.

crochet baby blanket - pink.3    crochet baby blanket - pink.2

and here is my buddy – he’s hard at work as you can see!!


crochet baby blanket - pink.jack

More photos to come of both once I have them completed.

Check out the pattern and give it a try … you wont be disappointed!cropped-craftybirdONLY.pngXOXO


Dirty Bird Crafts is Live!


Welcome to Dirty Bird Crafts!!!!!!!!!

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