I’m baaaaack!

It’s been a while since I’ve been here or shared anything new. ¬†Life has a way of getting in the way sometimes ūüôā

Working on making some life changes and trying to find a way to make a living while doing something that I can be passionate about.  Not so easy to do!

I have been crafting. ¬†At times it’s what keeps me sane (and the only thing that does!!!). ¬†I’ve had 5 baby blankets that needed to be completed (so many babies arriving this fall!) so that has taken up much of my free time.

Photos of some of them are here……Links to the patterns to follow soon. ¬†All are gorgeous and so easy to work!

More things to come very soon………I’m excited to be back!!!!img_6804 img_6890 img_6952

My Crafting Space

It might be small but it is awesome.  What stared out as a tiny closet has become my oasis.  My dad wired up the electrical and with a tabletop from IKEA, some organizing bins from Target and some inspiration, it has becoming my crafting room Рmy own space where I can store my supplies and create

DB Room 2
It’s an over the door shoe holder! Now home to crochet hooks, knitting needles and other crafty items.
DB Room4
Ribbon – tension rods make the best ribbon storage!!

DB Room 3 DB Room 6

DIY Laptop Desk

Have you ever had a lot of random stuff lying around and suddenly a lightbulb goes on and you figure out a way to put them together

to make something really cool?  That happened to me the other day and the result is my DIY Laptop Desk!  All you need is a bulletin

board slightly larger than you laptop, crib-size batting, 1 yard of fabric, and a glue gun!!!







Next, fold the crib size batting into the size of your bulletin board. ¬†The batting will be the “pillow” that sits directly on your lap.

Once you’ve done that, wrap the board and batting as you would a package or gift with wrapping paper, hot-gluing the edges as you go.








Once all of the edges are glued you have a cute little Laptop desk!  Easy, right?  Give it a try!!!


Thank you and more custom WIPs!

Thank you to everyone who’s placed and order in my Etsy store or requested a custom order!!! ¬†Dirty Bird has been busy with customer cross stitch orders like the WIP “DORK” below, soon to be made into a little pillow.

The other¬†little snarky pillow¬†¬†was a gift to my sister-in-law as a thank you for her help with a project. ¬†A favorite phrase on the East coast that I think I might have to start using ūüėČ

More custom orders scheduled!

pic - dork            pic - SL B

And of course, a picture of my assistant hard at work!


pic - jack blanket

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Dirty Bird Crafts available at Demented Designs OC

Dirty Bird’s snarky cross stitch items can now be found at Demented Designs OC. ¬†If you are in Orange County, CA come and check them out! ¬†Demented Designs OC is a company that specializes in items that are handmade or handcrafted out of found or upcycled¬†materials

They also carry Sourpuss, Lowbrow Art Company, Fluff, Manic Panic, Black Market Art, Classic Hardware, Se7en Deadly, Serpentine Clothing, and a few others. 

1046 N. Tustin St. #D
Orange, CA 92867
We are upstairs!
Open Daily 12p to 8p (hours may vary)
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Exciting Stuff Coming Soon!

I’ve been working hard on finishing some new projects and can’t wait to share them with you.

Look for them soon in my Etsy Store!!!!  You can find me here.

Here’s a little preview! ¬† ¬† ¬†craftybirdONLY

DB 1 4.15.16 DB 2 4.15.16 DB 4 4.15.16 DB 5 4.15.16 DB 7 4.15.16 DB 8 4.15.16 DB 9 4.15.16

My Crafting Buddy

This is Jack.  I think he enjoys yarn as much as I do.  Maybe for different reasons.  He is the Dirty Bird in my house!

db dog


Mastering the Bobble Stitch

I’ve been busy with a new project that is all about the bobble stitch. ¬†Until now it was probably one of my least favorite stitches. ¬†This pattern from 5 Little Monsters Crochet changed all of that.

I started with this pattern and then ventured out to make  one of my own!  The red and light grey dishcloths are made using the 5 Little Monsters Pattern (I just added a few more rows to make them a bit longer).  The third dark grey version is my own Dirty Bird Crafts creation using my now favorite bobble stitch.  Check them out!!

I love how they turned out!!!

dish done 1        dish cloth done 2



Building an Empire

It started out as a humble little closet. ¬†A coat closet really, off of our living room. Barely big enough to stand inside the door. ¬†I’d like to say that the “before” is before any cleaning but this was after TWO HOURS of cleaning it out. ¬†It was full of clothes, yarn (go figure), old toys, and items that hadn’t seen the light of day for years.

The “before”:

IMG_3392            IMG_3391

With the addition of 3 small shelving units from Target, a table top and storage bins from IKEA and Target (the super cute grey ones are the bins from Target), and an amazing Dad who took an entire afternoon to bring light and working outlets to my space, my happy place, AKA Dirty Bird command center, was born!

It allows me to organize supplies and work on projects without having to clear them off of the kitchen table in order for my family to have a meal together. ¬†It allows me to be inspired. ¬†It is mine. ¬†The first time I’ve had my own space since my children were born.

Can you believe that this is the same space?

IMG_3821 (1)

IMG_3400           IMG_3799

And a little girl I know is enjoying it as much as I am….


Such a fun place to get lost for a little while.  The perfect tiny space to create, dream, and let my Dirty Bird show.


Forever Scarf

It’s done! ¬†This gorgous pattern from Rescued Paw Designs (find it here) was easy to make and with just a few stitches you make this beauty. ¬†It took me about two days so it was a quick project.

IMG_3824              IMG_3823

The puff stitches add alot of texture and interest. ¬†This scarf was made with I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby in Ivory. ¬†I think it would look amazing in any color! ¬† Hmm….should I make the next one in grey or¬†maybe a funky shade of pink? ¬†Better yet, how about Dirty Bird blue?