Building an Empire

It started out as a humble little closet.  A coat closet really, off of our living room. Barely big enough to stand inside the door.  I’d like to say that the “before” is before any cleaning but this was after TWO HOURS of cleaning it out.  It was full of clothes, yarn (go figure), old toys, and items that hadn’t seen the light of day for years.

The “before”:

IMG_3392            IMG_3391

With the addition of 3 small shelving units from Target, a table top and storage bins from IKEA and Target (the super cute grey ones are the bins from Target), and an amazing Dad who took an entire afternoon to bring light and working outlets to my space, my happy place, AKA Dirty Bird command center, was born!

It allows me to organize supplies and work on projects without having to clear them off of the kitchen table in order for my family to have a meal together.  It allows me to be inspired.  It is mine.  The first time I’ve had my own space since my children were born.

Can you believe that this is the same space?

IMG_3821 (1)

IMG_3400           IMG_3799

And a little girl I know is enjoying it as much as I am….


Such a fun place to get lost for a little while.  The perfect tiny space to create, dream, and let my Dirty Bird show.



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